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June 4th, 2005



Yes!!! Guess what tomorrow is? or shall I say whats in 3 hours!!! :-D


Kristina (or should I say Kirstina... lol) "When's Your Birthday Hunny?!?!?"


Defiantly going to Canada tonight!!


Kevin baby thank you for the flowers... I love you so much!

June 2nd, 2005

(no subject)


~*~*~*~fate determines who walks into your life... you decide who you let leave, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go~*~*~*~

May 26th, 2005

I miss my baby!


20 May 2005

To the Families and Friends of the 1st Marine Division,

As summer approaches, another school year wanes and our 1st Marine Division family continues to meet the challenges of a very busy time. While many of our Marines and Sailors remain forward deployed, much of the Division has an opportunity to take a short breather from the deployments of the last two years. With the preponderance of the Division back, I want to take this moment to wholeheartedly thank you all for your unconditional support to our Marines and Sailors during this last deployment in answer to the call of our magnificent nation.

The 1st Marine Division experienced a decisive achievement in the Al Anbar province of Iraq, setting the conditions for the 2d Marine Division so that they may continue to strive toward certain victories over the insurgency. The people of Iraq have dealt with an incomprehensible ordeal yet have proven their resilience by continuing to support the Coalition Forces and moving towards a democratic nation. The Division's performance, including the warriors of 11th MEU and the returning 15th MEU have been an integral part of the history of our Corps and our accomplishments will be remembered for generations to come.

However, our trials have not been without expense. I ask each of you to take a moment from your busy schedules and offer your prayers to the families, friends and colleagues of those who are no longer with us. They now reside in a greater place and provide us an example by their, honor, courage, and commitment. I offer a reminder that the Division will honor our fallen warriors with a Memorial Service, on the parade deck in front of the Division Headquarters, on the 26th of May. Everyone is cordially invited to pay homage.

Presently, we are in the process of reconstituting and regenerating the Division. Since returning, I have already begun my travels around Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms and found that our Marines and Sailors are aggressively pursuing their training regimens while spending as much quality time with family and friends as they can. Everyone knows that 2006 will once again bring about more separation and I am sensitized to intelligently apportioning the time necessary for improving the training, capabilities, and survivability of our young men and women. Simultaneously, I want to ensure that loved ones spend as much quality time together as possible. Again, we must not forget that although the Division is not now deployed, we continue to send units to support the 2d Marine Division, as they supported us last year and on deployment with the various MEUs.

I'm always concerned about the protection of our Marines and Sailors, both home and abroad. Safety is a critical aspect in our training, operations, and day-to-day activities.
Recently, I have been exposed to some startling statistics. I'm talking about the use of seatbelts. An individual has a 75% chance of surviving an auto accident with the use of seatbelts. I implore everyone to take those precious few seconds to buckle up. As unit schedules permit, take the opportunity to relax and enjoy leave and liberty with friends and family but please take the steps to do it safely. Watch out for excessive speed, be wary of fatigue while you're driving, and reinvigorate your road awareness. As equally important, be sensitive to the signs of stress and other indicators that have a tendency to jeopardize our safety. Protecting our greatest asset, the men and women of the Division and their families should be everyone's number one priority!

In conclusion, we are all still very much in this fight. I pledge my continued devotion to this family we call 1st Marine Division. In return, I ask for your continued faith and courage, as well as your support to our Marines and Sailors. The families of our men and women have proven to be a valued asset to the 1st Marine Division. Thank you and may God bless you all.

Semper Fidelis,

Major General, U.S. Marines
Commanding General

May 25th, 2005

(no subject)

Wow... I never realized how many people in this world are ugly! lol don't ask, I don't know where this came from; but its sad. I mean it isn't because of genetics it is because they don't take care of them selves. So many ugly people in this would could be unbelievably beautiful but they choose to be hideous. Then there are thous of us that are pretty without even trying. I mean there are some people that can do absolutely nothing with them selves and always look great. Then there are others that have no potential; I feel badly for these people. I am not saying I am perfect or even beautiful at that, but it is just sad how some people don't even respect them selves to try. I know that it isn't all about looks, but more about happiness, but how can you be happy if you look so ugly? I dunno I just thought I would share this thought with all of my fellow lj readers. let me know what you think!

May 17th, 2005

Just Do it!

If you read this,
even if I don't speak to you often,
you must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.
Then post this to your journal to see what people remember about you.

(no subject)

If you don’t respect your self then others won’t respect you either. At this rate you are going to find your self in the same position that you were in before; hurt and used. Only this time I won’t feel badly for you because you have chosen this path. I apologize and I wish there was some way to help you but I can’t because you are too worried about getting attention instead of finding someone that will treat you with the respect that you deserve.

May 14th, 2005

(no subject)


23rd Annual Downtown Hoedown!

Fuckin right doggie!

May 12th, 2005



Ok well the strangest thing happen to me today...

Bonnie Steve and I are at 7eleven getting slurpee's, minding our own business at the cash register when Adam walks into my life!

Adam taps me on the shoulder (tap tap)

Mind-you I have never seen this kid in my life so I thought it was Bonnie or Steve.

I turn around to hear

Adam: Peek-a-boo

Me: Hi

Adam: Hey

Me: Who are you?

Adam: Its me Adam!

Me: Oh, well I don't think I know you

Adam: Well don't you go to Dakota?

Me: I did last year

Adam: Oh well where do you go now?

Me: Just Macomb


Me: Yea, so did you go to Dakota last year?

Adam: No, I am a Freshman

Me: Oh

Adam's Mom: Adam I think you are making a fool of your self

Me, Bonnie and Steve bail at our first chance!

Wow I guess you had to be there but it was kind-of awkward... and hilarious!

It was kind of cute in a way he seemed like the kind of person that just wants to make a lot of friends... just this time he was trying a bit to hard!

May 11th, 2005



Today was officially the last day of school! No more classes till next semester!

May 6th, 2005

"If the military had wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one." Remember those words? Well, that was then and this is now.  America's military has realized and acknowledged the significance of the  military spouse.

 In 1984 President Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother's Day of each  year to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It is your day to stand up  and be honored.

 For the times you've stood and watched a ship sail from the harbor, an aircraft disappear into the clouds, or a truck convoy pull out of sight,  not sure when they would return, we thank you.

 For the countless household moves you've made from a place you know to one that's strange and different - often by yourself - we thank you.

For the hand you've extended to another military spouse when the need was  there, truly creating a military family, we thank you.

 For the spirit and strength you've shown when your service member has gone into harm's way, we thank you.

 For the pride you've displayed while serving as an ambassador of the military spouse to the rest of the world, we thank you.

 Far too frequently, the sacrifices and dedication of the military spouse have gone unnoticed and unappreciated. In our nation's recent history, thousands of service members have been placed in harm's way as they stood watch as freedom's guardian. You too have stood watch at home, facing challenges alone. You have waved flags and held banners high to express your support. You have kept the candles


You have made difficult sacrifices of your own, and have called upon your inner reserves to nurture family life so your service member can focus on the business at hand.

Even in times of relaxed alert status for our military, you have stood ready and alert for the slightest of signs, perhaps overlooked or ignored by your civilian counterparts, signaling a potential change in the status of our military forces. As a military spouse, you have willingly packed up and relocated countless times, and may have been separated from your own parents and siblings for several years at a time.

Quite often, you have been placed in an unfamiliar ethnic or cultural setting, or a remote location. You have met this challenge with confidence and pride, making your nation proud of you. By the same token, you have extended your hand and hospitality to visitors to

 A country cannot count itself strong by its armed services alone, but must also depend on its civilians. With military wives and husbands setting a superior example through devotion, courage, and commitment, we are a nation of strength.

Military spouses ... stand tall, stand proud ... we salute you, you are truly our unsung heroes.



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